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Alexis made my daughter at ease from the start- friendly, calming, professional and thorough
Sally S


I have years of great advice and treatment. Alexis is very reliable, knowledgeable, patient and caring.
Susan L

Highly recommend Able

I would highly recommend Able. My 11 year old son came to Alexis with real knee pain dismissed by the GP as “growing pains”. The pain was preventing my son from taking part in the sport he loves- so was a major problem. Within a few sessions Alexis had cured the problem and we are back to enjoying every sport under the sun. Apparently Alexis is “very cool”-so much so, that my daughter insisted on attending sessions with her brother.
Helen G


I recently was involved in a car accident and was suffering from pretty bad whiplash. I was recommended physiotherapy after a medical report and have been seeing Alexis for the past six weeks.I was nervous at first but Alexis is a great guy and made me feel totally comfortable. We have had some good chats during the past few weeks and the whole experience has been very enjoyable. I have been given some great advise and come away with plenty of new ideas to implement.I would recommend ABLE Physiotherapy and Alexis to anyone in the area who wants a friendly and professional experience. 5 stars *****
Amanda L

Painful back problem

I went to Able Physiotherapy with a very painful back problem. They were able to relieve much of the pain immediately and gave the keys I need to ensure that it does not happen again. Alexis was very courteous and professional. Many thanks.
Anju L

Definitely helped

A high level of professionalism delivered in a friendly and inviting environment. Definitely helped my recovery process. Sound and practical advice suitable for both individuals and in our case family.

Deep tissue massage

Since an initial whiplash injury 3 years ago, I have often called upon Alexis Kekeh to help me out when needed, for anything from general deep tissue massage to release built-up tension in my back, to more debilitating long term issues affecting my mobility.I have total confidence in his knowledge and expertise, and the utmost respect for his friendly and reassuring manner. I have always left each session with renewed positivity.Able Physiotherapy is a welcoming and informal practice and I thoroughly recommend it.
Sara D

Extremely knowledgeable

Alexis has treated me for an ongoing disc problem in my lower back, rehabilitation after surgery and more recently, has been able to free me from severe headaches that I could not get rid of with painkillers. He is extremely knowledgeable and approachable therapist who immediately puts you at ease and who really cares about the well being of his patients. I would not hesitate to contact Alexis with any queries or problems knowing that he will give me honest advice , help and support me to move forward in recovery.
Sophie K

Would use again

Great service, excellent treatment. Really friendly staff. Would use again and highly recommended.
Carol Y

Proper treatment

As a young individual who was involved in a Road side traffic accident. It upsets me , that it has taken eight months after the accident to finally be treated correctly by Alexis.No physiotherapist in the duration of eight months has done what Alexis has ,in a month of treatment for my knee, ankle and back.I can not express enough how important it is to seek proper treatment , have peace at mind and be motivated for a full recovery.
Brit P

Very friendly

I have been very impressed with Alexis. He is very friendly and has offered me effective treatment , advice and equipped me with the exercises I need to continue to ensure I do not cause further damage to my back. I would not hesitate to see him should i need to. Highly recommended.
Jo S

Felt supported all the way

I needed help for a tennis elbow which had become so painful it even hurt to fish my mobile out my bag. Just 4 sessions later I’m virtually pain free and now have a set of exercise to strengthen the muscle and prevent a recurrence. Super-friendly and helpful, I felt supported all the way and they have evening and weekend opening hours to accommodate my busy schedule. Highly recommended.
Nathalie A